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What compounds are formed when the two most abundant gases in the atmosphere react during high temperature combustion?

Question 2

Earth's surface receives about twice as much energy from the atmosphere than from the sun as a result of ____.
 A) the release of latent heat during condensation
  B) conduction of heat upward from the surface
  C) convection
  D) absorbed infrared energy radiated back to Earth
  E) direct absorption of sunlight by the atmosphere

Question 3

Which statement about tornadoes is correct?
 A) All tornadoes rotate in a counterclockwise direction.
  B) Tornadoes never strike the same place twice.
  C) All tornadoes make a distinctive roar.
  D) The United States has more tornadoes than any other country in the world.

Question 4

What is the essential ingredient for photochemical reactions to take place?

Question 5

The albedo of Earth's surface is only about 4, yet the combined albedo of Earth and its atmosphere is about 30. Which set of conditions below best explains why this is so?
 A) high albedo of clouds; low albedo of water
  B) high albedo of clouds; high albedo of water
  C) low albedo of clouds; low albedo of water
  D) low albedo of clouds; high albedo of water

Question 6

Tornadic thunderstorms that form ahead of an advancing cold front most often travel from ____.
 A) north to south
  B) northwest to southwest
  C) southwest to northeast
  D) southeast to northwest
The __________ consultation model involves the consultant collecting information, diagnosing the problem, and making recommendations to the consultee on how to solve the problem.
  a. Prescriptive
  b. Expert
  c. Trainer/educator
  d. Facilitative

Q. 2

When introducing an exercise, leaders should clearly present the directions for all of the following reasons EXCEPT to
  a. force reluctant members to participate.
 b. inform members of the purpose of the exercise.
 c. ensure that members from different cultures understand.
  d. prevent confusion about what members are supposed to do.

Q. 3

Gestalt counselors work with clients to confront their shoulds in order to help clients _____________________________ _______.
  a. avoid taking existential responsibility for their lives
  b. regulate emotions in unhealthy ways
  c. confront others putting pressure on them
  d. live authentically

Q. 4

When a consultant is hired to come into an agency to do staff development this is known as the ___________ Model.
  a. Trainer
  b. Prescriptive
  c. Collaborative
  d. Expert

Q. 5

Exercises that focus on personal issues may elicit strong ________________ from members.
  Fill in the blank(s) with correct word

Q. 6

Responsible vs. carefree is an example of a problematic _________________.
  a. act
  b. polarity
  c. opposition
  d. counterbalance

Q. 7

Which decades are generally identified as the beginning of modern-day consultation?
  a. 1920s and 1930s
  b. 1940s and 1950s
  c. 1960s and 1970s
  d. 1980s and 1990s
Toni didn't want to ask Molly directly if she was mad, so he asked Michael if he thought Molly was mad. This is an example of _____ perception checking.
  a. indirect
  b. linear
  c. direct
  d. opposite
4 years ago in History (Humanities)
Until the eighteenth century, legal commerce with the Indies was restricted to
  A) one colonial port.
  B) two colonial ports.
  C) three colonial ports.
  D) five colonial ports.
4 years ago in History (Humanities)
Jimmy Carter's Latin American policy was based on his concern for
  A) the United States' need for strategic bases in South America.
  B) human rights.
  C) the potential for war between Chile and Argentina over the Beagle Channel.
  D) religious freedom for Protestant evangelicals in Latin America.
4 years ago in History (Humanities)
Vice president Dick Cheney developed the George W. Bush administration's energy policy in consultation with
  a. energy companies.
  b. environmentalists.
  c. consumer groups.
  d. all three of these.
4 years ago in History (Humanities)
Compared to his predecessor Harding, President Calvin Coolidge seemed exceedingly
  a. honest.
  b. slippery.
  c. inept.
  d. charismatic.
  e. erratic.
4 years ago in History (Humanities)
Who was the first conservative woman to become chancellor of Germany?
  a. Petra Kelly
  b. Margaret Thatcher
  c. Angela Merkel
  d. Annagret Kramp-Karrenbauer
  e. Christine Leberknecht
4 years ago in History (Humanities)
Which of the following was NOT a food consumed by the Aztecs?
  a. chocolate
  b. maize meal
  c. potatoes
  d. tamales
  e. chilis
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