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5 months ago
I need help  with this assignment:   information to write my paper or similar subject
Think about an organization you know well.  This could be a workplace, a church, or perhaps the school you attend.  How could a network approach help you better understand relationships in this organization?  What would you look for in developing a cultural profile of this organization? How have social networking sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and others changed communications in your personal life and within organizations?  In your experience what types of barriers to communications have you encountered?  How have sought to overcome them?
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5 months ago
Here's a start, but it doesn't answer everything. Make sure you write it in your own words, as this is just a sample!

The organization I choose is the Coca Cola company. In order to be able to understand the relationships in this organization, it is important to get the key components that form it. The key components here are: the executives, vendors, key partners, technicians, engineers, managers, office administrators and consultants. Using the network approach, all these components relate in some way. At the center of the network, there is the executives. Using an example, if the consultant have any suggestions, all the components will be informed. No step will be taken despite how good the suggestion is until the executives agree to it. On agreement, information will flow back to all the components. On receiving the information, each part will play its role. For the managers, they will execute the executives orders, engineers will hear from the managers and the key players will make decisions on their investments. These approach is important as one is able to understand what leads to each action the organization takes. It make the decision making process of the organization much clear.
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