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Use the following to answer the questions below:

The sampling distribution shows sample proportions from samples of size n = 35.

A dotplot depicts a sampling distribution from sample size n equals 35. The horizontal axis has markings from 0.42 to 0.91 in increments of 0.07. A series of dots is plotted vertically for certain markings on the horizontal axis. The densely plotted dots are approximately bell-shaped. The series of dots begins at 0.36 on the horizontal axis. The heights of the plotted dots increase gradually from the left with a few ups and downs and reach the peak of 31 dots at 0.63 on the horizontal axis. Then the heights of the dots decrease gradually to the right with a few ups and downs and end at 0.90 on the horizontal axis. All values are approximate.

Using the sampling distribution, how likely is = 0.65?

▸ Reasonably likely to occur from a sample of this size

▸ Unusual but might occur occasionally

▸ Extremely unlikely to ever occur
Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data

Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data

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