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4 years ago
Well, actually write the answer not just the letter because the HESI that I took the answer was A.
4 years ago
It's A.  I just put D and got it wrong. 
4 years ago
 ^-^please explain how ton get the answer to number 5
4 years ago
7a lateral position
8d acceleration of heart rate to movement
9 decreased h and h platelet 3
10. help
11 cns depres
12 no adjustment
13 resp rate
14 ask jennie to explain
15 jenn signs forms
16 magnesium excreted
17 magnesium equal to mom sedated
18 turn jennie to side
19late decelerations
20 fluid bolus
21 calcium gluconate
22 hypotension
23 5 to 7 sec
24 hypo decresed resp
25 quiet room close to nurse station
26 partner still at risk for complications
27 carboprost
4 years ago
1. B, D, E
2. B.
3. A.
4. C.
5. 6ML
6. D.
7. B.
8. A.
9. B.
10. B.
11. C.
12. D.
13. B.
14. D.
15. D.
16. A.
17. C.
18. B.
19. D.
20. A.
21. B.
22. C.
23. A.
24. C.
25. C.
26. C.
27. A.

As of 9/25/2015 --Hope this helps!
4 years ago
Preeclampsia case study #12 is A, not D!!

Actually it's D

I just did it and the correct answer is D, A was incorrect
3 years ago
#12 D


3 years ago
yup just took it today and the answer was A. or no adjustment to the oxytocin induction is the answer for those who may be confused
3 years ago Edited: 3 years ago, sweettroop
Preeclampsia Case Study Answers as of 02/09/2016

1. B, D, E
2. B. (Prenatal Bp readings)
3. A. (cerebral Edema)
4. C. (Let me explain...)
5. 6ML
6. D. (Observe Jennie for CNS Changes)
7. B. (Have Jennie lie in a LATERAL position and take bp on dependent arm)
8. A. (Accelerations of the fetal heart rate in response to FETAL movement)
9. B. (Decreased hemoglobin and hematocrit with burr cells, elevated liver enzymes, platelet count 3)
10. B. (A 35-year old gravida 3 para 2 with HELLP syndrome)
11. C. (A CNS Depressant)
12. D. (More Oxytocin is needed to establish labor)
13. B. ( Resp rate is less than 12 and absent DTRs)
14. D. (Ask jennie to explain what she understands about the procedures)
15. D. (Jennie should sign the consent forms herself since she is the one receiving the care)
16. A.  (The mag is being excreted through the kidneys)
17. C. fetus has a mag level equal to the mothers...
18. B. (turn jennie)
19. D. ( late decels)
20. A. (Implement a prescribed fluid bolus...)
21. B. (Calcium gluconate)
22. C. (hypotension)
23. A. ( When the urge to push is felt, take a deep breath....)
24. C.  (hypoflexia and DECREASED RESP)
25. C. (move jennie to a QUIET room close to nursing...)
26. C. (your partner is still at risk)
27. A. (Carboprost tromethamine)

Post Merge: 3 years ago

Question 12 Rationales:

12. Since Jennie is receiving magnesium sulfate and oxytocin, the nurse should make what adjustments in the oxytocin (Pitocin)?

A. No adjustment to the oxytocin induction
   Mag Sulfate will have an effect on the induction
B. Oxytocin is contraindicated and should not be given
   Oxytocin is not contraindicated when mag sulfate is given
C. Less oxytocin is needed to establish labor
   Mag sulfate does not potentiate oxytocin, so this statement is incorrect
D. More oxytocin is needed to establish labor
   It is highly likely that more oxytocin will be needed to establish labor due to the smooth muscle (uterine) relaxation caused by the mag sulfate.
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3 years ago
HAHA I picked D and got it wrong, it said Magnesium sulfate does not effect labor so no increase is needed  Pouting Face
3 years ago
Here is the newer Preeclampsia Evolve Case Study with the multiple choice question, math question, and 3 more post birth care questions:

1) B D E, 2) B, 3) A, 4) C, 5) 6, 6) D, 7) B, 8) A, 9) B, 10) B,
11) C, 12) D, 13) B, 14) D, 15) D, 16) A, 17) C, 18) B, 19) D, 20) A,
21) B, 22) C, 23) A, 24) C, 25) C, 26) C, 27) A, 28) C, 29) C, 30) A.

on 6 select all it is every one EXCEPT D
3 years ago
12 is "no adjustment for pitocin is needed."
2 years ago
no 12 is A
A month ago
Look for postpartum evolve case study and healthy new born case study.  what yea got?
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