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Contributor: JAKETASIA
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Jacob Jordan 11/27/18 Art History 1 PROJECT 3 The first step to the project was to find an area that was filled with rocks. Then we proceeded to mark exactly where we would place our prints. Jacob Jordan 11/27/18 Art History 1 We then fought off spider and found that a rock that looked like it had a piece of toast on it. Jacob Jordan 11/27/18 Art History 1 After realizing that trying to use chalk to imitate red ochre would not work. I decided that I would take a different approach. Jacob Jordan 11/27/18 Art History 1 I I forgot to take a picture of the can but this is the brand of paint we used. I will explain why I used this down below the picture section. Jacob Jordan 11/27/18 Art History 1 The Finished results. I could only get one angle because of the time constraints with the sun. Any other angle you could not see the hands. Jacob Jordan 11/27/18 Art History 1 Writing Section The art style I chose even though it is very minimalistic It also speaks volumes. I chose to do the Hand painting technique found in many prehistoric caves such as Cueva de las Manos in Argentina. I decided that I would get my friends together like many of the tribes would be in these caves to do my project. I wanted to include my friends and brothers because we have all been there for each other since Kindergarten and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. They are a huge part of my life and since this is a self-portrait, I decided that nothing is better than brotherhood and being united. So, like a tribe we got together and painted our hands unto rock that took us forever to find. But my original plan was to do a cave painting like those found at Lascaux but I simply could not get it to look right. So, to make up for that we decided to use Black spray paint to paint our hands. I did this because after researching I found out that to paint these hands the people would spit paint around their hands to make prints. So instead of me and my friends putting paint in our mouths I decided that gloves and spray would work. I had a ton of fun working on this project and I like that my art will be part of the world for a little while until eventually it fades away.
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