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Which one of the following teachers is definitely keeping in mind Piaget's idea that assimilation and accommodation are both necessary for learning and cognitive development to occur?
  a. Mr. Ames presents brand new topics every day, expecting the continual novelty to keep students interested and motivated.
  b. Mr. Baretta shows students how a new topic is similar to the things they already know, but also different in certain ways.
  c. Ms. Chang makes sure that students have learned one topic very, very well before moving on to another.
  d. Ms. Doherty uses a lot of drill and practice exercises, encouraging students to work faster every time.

Ques. 2

Louis receives a new soccer ball and begins to dribble it in the same way he dribbles his basketball. His dribbling of the new ball reflects Piaget's notion of:
  a. concrete operations
  b. accommodation
  c. cognitive structure
  d. assimilation

Ques. 3

In which one of the following examples is metacognition most clearly illustrated?
  a. Mary knows all the letters of the alphabet before she begins kindergarten.
  b. Fran knows how much of a book she is likely to remember a month later.
  c. Billy can read fourth-grade-level books when he's only 6 years old.
  d. Ewan has a photographic memory that enables him to remember everything he sees.

Ques. 4

The textbook describes many differences between good readers and poor readersthat is, between people who do and do not learn effectively from the things they read. Which one of the following is not an accurate statement about their differences?
  a. Good readers read more quickly than poor readers; for example, many good readers are skilled speed readers.
  b. Good readers are more likely to formulate questions that they then try to answer as they read.
  c. Good readers focus their attention on what is most important to learn; poor readers are less discriminating.
  d. As they read, good readers are more likely to embellish on what they read through inference-drawing and other forms of elaboration.

Ques. 5

Three of the following students are using metacognitive strategies while using the Internet. Which one is not necessarily using a metacognitive strategy?
  a. Aiden chooses appropriate key words to search for new concepts.
  b. Billy actively evaluates the misinformation he is receiving from certain websites.
  c. Carole often changes her search criteria as she learns new information.
  d. Doug has multiple websites active at one time.

Ques. 6

With research on effective study skills in mind, identify the strategy that you should recommend to a high school student who really wants to do well in her classes but who consistently has trouble learning and remembering classroom subject matter.
  a. Try to organize information.
  b. Focus on details.
  c. Underline at least two sentences in every paragraph.
  d. Try to learn information word for word.

Ques. 7

Theorists have offered a number of suggestions regarding how teachers might help students develop better summaries of classroom subject matter. Which one of the strategies below do they not recommend?
  a. Have students identify the most important ideas and then find information that supports each idea.
  b. Have students look for and delete ideas that seem relatively trivial.
  c. Begin by having students read exceptionally difficult texts, so that they acquire an appreciation for the value of summarizing.
  d. Have students compare their summaries with one another and discuss their reasons for choosing some ideas as being more important than others.
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