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Government officials in Texas suspect that a few interest groups are working for their own personal interests rather than the welfare of the society. Explain how the concerned government body can regulate the workings of the interest groups.
  What will be an ideal response?

 Q. 2

How have interest groups added to the divisions within American culture?
  What will be an ideal response?

 Q. 3

How can interim oversight help an interest group in affecting policy makers even when the legislature is out of session?
  What will be an ideal response?

 Q. 4

The ability of an interest group to contact policy makers in an attempt to enlist their help is referred to as ________.
  Fill in the blank with the appropriate word.

 Q. 5

The relationship among government agencies, interest groups, and the legislature that accounts for most public policy is called the ________.
  Fill in the blank with the appropriate word.

 Q. 6

The process by which an interest group raises money for its ongoing political operations is known as ________.
  Fill in the blank with the appropriate word.
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Ans. to #1

A. Regulations of interest groups
1. Lobbyist Registration Act (1970s)
a. passed in Texas to identify who was trying to influence legislation on behalf of client groups
b. registration was to control interest group actions
2. Texas Ethics Commission (1990s)
a. lobbyists and interest groups must report periodically
b. monitors activities and expenditures
c. tighter restrictions
3. Restrictions for interest groups and representatives
a. lobbyists must register if they receive more than 1000 per quarter as compensation for engaging in activities with legislative and executive members in hopes of influences legislation
b. must register if they spend more than 500 on communications aimed at influencing legislation
4. Certain actions prohibited
a. loans
b. transportation and lodging (some exceptions)
c. expenditures for entertainment, awards, gifts more than 500
B. Restrictions have reduced unlimited spending in Texas politics
1. experienced lobbyists for business and associations can still spend a lot of money in pursuit of influencing legislation

Ans. to #2

A. Interest groups have caused a fracturing of American culture
1. division in our society causes hostility
2. competing groups cause a confrontation in politics
3. heightens struggle for public services and resources
B. Society is already culturally and ethnically diverse
1. increased internal divisions caused by interest groups
2. make it even more difficult for people to come together
3. reduces chances for any consensus
4. social fabric would be better off without divisiveness caused by interest groups

Ans. to #3

A. Interest groups still seek access when legislature is out of session
1. contact can be useful in building support for the group's agenda
2. encouraging members to keep open access during interim
B. Interim also leaves more time for members of legislature
1. sit down with the public to discuss issues of concern
2. analyze what has been accomplished
3. discuss future plans and trends
4. allow members to get to know representatives better
5. building of personal relationships can help when legislators are back in session
C. Interest groups still host outings for legislators
1. restrictions exist but still used to maintain and grow goodwill
D. Lobbyists involved in other activities
1. research
2. testifying for committees to gain more information
a. interim committees are still working to explore issues that will come up in the next session
b. lobbyists use these meetings to get involved early

Ans. to #4

Answer: access

Ans. to #5

Answer: iron triangle

Ans. to #6

Answer: internal funding
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