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The Jackson Independent School District began the year with the following accounts on its Balance Sheet related to property taxes (all amounts are in thousands of dollars). All accounts have normal balances:

Taxes Receivable – Delinquent      $2,000
Allowance for Uncollectible Taxes – Delinquent      400
Penalties and Interest Receivable      200
Allowance for Uncollectible Penalties and Interest      15
Deferred Revenues ($300 Taxes, $55 Penalties and Interest)      355

Selected transactions for the Jackson Independent School District are presented below.
1.   On January 1, the school district levied property taxes of $8,000. The due date for the taxes is March 31. Taxes are considered delinquent after that date. The school district expects to collect all but 4% of the levy. In addition the district offers a 2% discount if the taxes are paid by February 28. The district expects 40% of the tax to qualify for the discount.
2.   Between January 2 and February 28, the district collected $4,800 of the taxes due. Of this amount, $1,300 was due in the preceding fiscal year. The district also collected $130 of penalties and interest during the same time period.
3.   During March, an additional $3,500 of receivables were collected. Of this amount, $200 were for the preceding fiscal year. Also during March, $7 of penalties and interest were collected.
4.   On April 1, the balance of the current year taxes is past due. A 10% penalty and 2% in interest was immediately assessed on the delinquent debt. It is estimated that $30 of the total interest and penalties will prove uncollectible.
5.   On June 12, the school district wrote off $100 of property taxes, $10 in penalties, and $2 in interest as uncollectible.
6.   From March 31 to December 31, the school district collected $300 of the property taxes that were levied on January 1, $5 in penalties, and $1 in interest. The school district expects to collect an additional $200 of property taxes and $100 of penalties and interest during the first two months of the next fiscal year.


1.   Prepare the necessary journal entries. Dates and explanations may be omitted. If a transaction requires no entry, do not leave it blank: state “No Entry Required” and explain why.
2.   What was the total Revenues – Property Taxes and total Revenues – Penalties and Interest earned in the current fiscal year?
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Using: Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting: Theory and Practice, 11e (Freeman)
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