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6 months ago
I need information for my progress assignment in AMU intl 410 that is due on Sunday the 16th at  2355.  Any quick help would be greatly greatly appreciated!

   Topic:  Research and analyze a counter-terrorism or cyberspace operation which primarily utilized defensive counterintelligence support.

   Discuss the historical events that let to the mission, identify the agency and the opponent, and identify the defensive principles of deter and detect in the countermeasures.

   Some examples of relevant counter-terrorism operations may include: 1983's Marine Barracks in Lebanon, 1993 WTC bombing, 1996 USS Cole, 1998 US Embassies in Africa, Sept 11 2001, 2005 London bombings, etc.

   Some examples of relevant cyberspace operations may include: 2001-2005 Chinese cyberespionage (Titan Rain), 2011 Duqu worm(surveillance malware targeted at Iranian nuclear facilites), 2012 Flame (surveillance malware targeted at the Iranian oil industry), 2012-2013 cyberattacks against U.S. banking industry, etc.  
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5 months ago
This document contains information on terrorism, namely:

1983's Marine Barracks in Lebanon, 1993 WTC bombing, 1996 USS Cole, 1998 US Embassies in Africa, Sept 11 2001, 2005 London bombings, etc.

Unfortunately because it's an older document, it doesn't have info on cyber terrorism.

The second document has information on the Duqu worm
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5 months ago
Thank you so much.  I am really fighting the clock on this.  These will help alot.

Again, thanks!
5 months ago Edited: 5 months ago, bio_man
2012-2013 cyberattacks against U.S. banking industry, etc.

This one's interesting:

The websites of Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and other U.S. financial institutions suffered simultaneous outages due to a coordinated denial of service cyberattack in September 2012. Attackers flooded bank servers with junk traffic, preventing users from online banking. An Iranian group called Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters initially claimed responsibility for the incident. At the time, the media reported that U.S. intelligence believed the denial of service was in response to U.S. imposed economic sanctions to counter Iran’s nuclear program. Seven Iranian individuals linked to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were eventually indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2016 for their involvement in the incident.  The denial of service attacks against U.S. banks is significant for two reasons. First, the size and scale of the attacks led the State Department to seek other countries’ assistance in taking down the compromised computers that were flooding the banks with junk traffic. Second, the attacks would indicate that Iran—if it was in fact using the attacks as retaliation for U.S. financial sanctions—was acting proportionally in its dispute with the United States.
Source https://www.cfr.org/interactive/cyber-operations/denial-service-attacks-against-us-banks-2012-2013
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5 months ago
Thanks for the info ... it makes a lot of good points and is in line with what I am working on ...   Slight Smile Slight Smile Slight Smile
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