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It is hardly controversial to note that there are biological differences between men and
Gender typing, though. focuses on expectations regarding social preferences, behavioral patterns, and one presents oneself physically. and most of us would agree that teasing young children children exhibiting "gender-inappropriate" tendencies is not a good thing. Clearly, children are going to learn to categorize people by gender and other social dimensions do you think this means that gender typing and other forms of stereotypes are inevitable? In other words, can children learn to recognize physical difference (and similarity) between people without jumping to conclusions about how they will or should act?

Should we Strive to prevent Such conclusions or does your answer to this question differ depending on whether we are talking about gender versus another dimension such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or others? both material from the chapter and personal experiences in response.
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Hi Tsuleac

Are you a fan of the ideas proposed here Upwards Arrow
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There's only so much you can do as a parent, teacher, or caregiver before biological tendencies overpower learned behaviours (nature overpowers nurture, always). For instance, you can spend your whole life teaching a young boy that "girls are just as strong as boys", but eventually that child will grow up see that there are profound biological differences between the sexes that are strongly dictated by hormones. This is why men gravitate towards professions where body strength is required, such as construction or brick laying. Rarely do you find women work in construction, and rarely do you hear activists, including feminists, pushing for equality in these fields of work because there's no question that building with your hands is something more suited towards men. Organically, men have always been the hunters, and women as the gathers - this pattern has ensured human survival since our evolution. Lately, and mostly in North America, there seems to be a reversal of roles - men become the gathers, while women become the hunters. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but eventually women will leave their hunter, money-making roles, to live the life as a mother. This is because most women are biologically programmed to undergo menopause in their 40s; this is nature's way of  reminding us how primitive humans are.
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