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2 years ago
For this assignment, you may either invent and describe a company or describe a company for which you work. Develop a 1-page memo in which you describe for your current employees a community outreach program that your company is going to begin sponsoring and running as well as an annual festival that will be related directly to your community outreach program. The community outreach program and festival can be invented or currently in existence.

Include 1 paragraph on each of the following:

Your business
Provide a 1-paragraph description of your business and its mission along with how this particular community outreach program relates directly to that mission and will serve constituents relevant to your business.
Your community outreach program
Provide a 1-paragraph overview of what this community outreach program will look like and what needs it has been developed to serve, including the targeted audience of this program. This program might help needy families, those serving in the military or those supporting military members, college students, people moving toward valuable vocational degrees, at-risk youth, people involved in environmental causes, or someone else deserving of assistance.
The festival you sponsor and run for your outreach program
Provide a 1-paragraph description of the annual festival that your business will sponsor to raise funds for your community outreach program. Be sure to include specific details, such as when it will be hosted, where, and the target audience that will be invited to the festival. Be realistic and practical in this regard. Consider only useful, altruistic activities that serve a community in a sensible manner.

The Company I chose was the   Hellen Johnson Group HRM.. please use the following essay attached to help with this writing assignment.
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2 years ago
Hi there, I have an answer in the attachment
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2 years ago
MaxGain International Company

To:      All Employees
From:  Managing Director  
CC:   CEO,HR and IT Manager  
Date:    April 17, 2017
Re:     Community outreach Program

Following the raising demand of the need to adhere to corporate social responsibility principles in companies in our industry ,the top management has decided to embark on serious philanthropic activities to remain relevant in the market .The activities are not just a conformity but also an ethical and noble idea since it is important to give back to the community in which we operate.

The outreach program will comprise of reaching out to children who suffer from autism in the community and catering for their medical bills .Also,the project will comprise of carrying out awareness campaigns to keep the public informed on the importance of caring for autistic persons in the community.The program will commence on June immediately after the receipt of the budgeted funds by the chief finance officer.The outreach program will be followed by and annual festivals that will take place on 12th December every year where donors will dine together with their parents and the children suffering from autism to address the various issues thy are facing and how to handle them.The climax of the of festival will be celebrations in form of music and games to appreciate the children and to make hem feel happy and special.

Your valued contribution to make this project a success will be is highly valued. For more information you can reach me through the company email or the company workers Facebook page where various issues will be addressed. Than you in advance as you plan to participate.

Explanation: The answer was arrived at after a thorough analysis of the relevant materials.
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Thank you for your post! I am sure that it will help to better understand my assignment.
3 months ago
Thank you.
2 months ago
Thank you, Ive had so much trouble with this assignment.
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