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1.   Using the following DNA sequence, come up with your own corresponding sequence after a 1) point mutation and 2) frameshift mutation.

 Also write out the corresponding RNA sequence:

2.   Explain how gene regulation in eukaryotes differs from gene regulation in prokaryotes.
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Qn 1

Point mutation - only one base changes in a DNA sequence


In the above sequence the A has been changed into the bolded G

correspoding RNA sequence:


Qn 2

Frameshift mutation- A base is added or deleted to a DNA sequence

In the above sequence the first A was deleted from the DNA sequence

corresponding RNA sequence


2 Explain how gene regulation in eukaryotes differs from gene regulation in prokaryotes

In Prokaryotes the gene expression mainly is controlled at the level of transcription while the Eukaryotic gene expression is controlled at the levels of epigenetics, transcription, post-transcription, translation, and post-translation.

Prokaryotic gene expression occurs within the cytoplasm of a cell due to the lack of a defined nucleus; thus, the DNA is freely located within the cytoplasm while the Eukaryotic gene expression occurs in both the nucleus and cytoplasm.

In prokaryotes gene expression translation and transcription may occur at the same time while for the Eukaryotic transcription and translation are physically separated so the regulatory mechanisms must differ from those in bacteria

The Prokaryotic genes are regulated by operons while Eukaryotic genes are NOT regulated by operons.

The prokaryotes are organized in operons and transcribed by a single mRNA while for the Eukaryotic each structural gene has its own promoter and is transcribed independently.

During gene expression the prokaryotes have to respond quickly to changes in their environment while for the eukaryotes they transcription requires unwinding of the DNA form the histone proteins


Gene regulation. (2017). Retrieved 16 July 2017, from
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