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An introduction to disability and applying for SSI and SSDI Understanding How SSI and SSDI Can Help Patients Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are forms of financial assistance that help patients batt ling chronic or life threating illnesses. In addition, a Social Security disa bility status will expand eligibility for other support programs and assistance available to patients. About Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) How to Apply n order to be considered “disabled,” disability and determine if you have You can complete the SSDI application you must have a medical condition enough work credits to be eligible to online, by phone, or in person at your that meets the Social Security Act’s receive SSDI benefits. This process can take local Social Security office. It’s important I definition of disability, which is “having between three to six months. to start the application process as soon an illness or injury that is expected to last as possible to avoid additional delay in at least 12 months or if your condition Some questions you will need to answer receiving your benefits beyond the 5 may be considered terminal.” A disability when determining your eligibility for SSDI month waiting period. decision can provide replacement income include: for you and also open the door for you to • Did your doctor say your condition • You will be responsible for providing receive other benefits. a detailed medical history, as well as was severe or could result in death? the names of medical professionals To be eligible for SSDI income, in addition • Is your exact condition found on the who provided your care. to being disabled, you must have worked compassionate allowance list. • Once approved, all SSDI beneficiaries five of the last 10 years if you are over • Are you currently working or are must wait five full months after age 31, and have contributed through unable to work? What are your job the disability onset date to begin a payroll FICA tax deduction in which responsibilities? receiving financial benefits and 24 approximately 6% of the tax went to a • Can you do the work that you did months after the onset date before Social Security program. If approved, before your diagnosis? Is your medical Medicare benefits begin. SSDI will provide you monthly income condition not allowing you to adjust to based on your contributions. other types of work? • If your claim is denied you have the right to appeal, but the Once all of the necessary information • What is your current monthly income reconsideration process is is received from the providers, it is based on the work you are able to do? lengthy and can take up forwarded to your local Disability If you make over a certain amount per to an additional two years. Determination Services (DDS), which month, you may not be considered to be decides if you meet the definition of disabled at this time. (800) 532-5274 Compassionate Allowance Means Faster Disability Review he compassionate allowance program A complete list of diagnoses can speeds up the disability eligibility be found online at review process for applicants whose compassionateallowances/conditions.htm. T medical condition is so serious it immediately meets disability standards. To have expedited approval under compassionate allowance: Unfortunately, you still have to wait five full months after your disability onset date to • Your exact diagnosis must be listed on begin receiving SSDI benefits and 24 months the Compassionate Allowance list; and after your disability onset date before • You must be able to submit medical Medicare benefits begin, as in the traditional records that support your advanced approval process. diagnosis with your initial claim. The Differences Between SSI and SSDI Important Vocabulary Disability Benefits (SSDI) Benefits awarded to those under full SSI SSDI retirement age who have physical or mental impairments that are severe A needs-based program An insurance program funded by funded by the government FICA taxes withheld from your enough to prevent them from doing Some previous wages “substantial” work for a year or more. Available to individuals with patients meet limited household income and requirements 5 month waiting period for benefits Benefit amounts are determined by the resources for both after deemed disabled date individual’s work history and wages. programs Financial benefit begins one Provides Medicare month after disability onset date Both can give insurance after 24 months Onset Date or provide Qualifier for Medicaid insurance eligibility for Awards auxiliary Your disability onset date determines the additional benefits to family of start of your SSDI eligibility and how much No family benefits included support the disabled individuals in benefits, including backpay, you can get. Pays a monthly cash programs and benefits Monthly cash benefit based benefit which is reduced on the individual’s record of Social Security Income by other income earnings from prior work Disability is one of the Has no asset limits This term does not exist, but is frequently qualifiers for SSI, but confused with the abbreviation SSI not the only one Ceases when able to work or condition improves (Supplemental Security Income). Supplemental Security Income (SSI) It is possible to qualify for both SSDI and SSI, but you must meet A federal cash assistance program funded by general tax revenues. It helps aged, eligibility requirements and apply to both programs independently. blind, and disabled people who have limited income and resources by providing monthly payments to meet basic needs. Waiting Period What is Supplemental Security Income (SSI)? A five-month waiting period that starts upplemental Security Income is a In addition, if you qualify for from the established onset date of federal program that provides a cash SSI you may also be eligible for disability. This means that SSDI cash benefit to people who have been your state’s Medicaid program, ? S benefits will not start until five months determined to be blind, aged, or disabled expanding your access to affordable health after the onset date. and have limited income and resources. insurance. This social security benefit provides cash to Work Credits help you meet basic needs for food, clothing As part of your approval for SSI related and shelter. to a disability, you must undergo periodic Each year that you earn wages and pay medical reviews to demonstrate the ongoing FICA taxes into the Social Security system, It is possible for you to qualify for both SSI need for assistance, with the frequency you receive work credits. A minimum and SSDI. If you get SSDI and are receiving of required medical reviews depending on number of credits are required in order to less than the SSI income guidelines, your diagnosis. receive Social Security Disability Benefits. you may also qualify for SSI benefits.
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