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Decisions based on assessment data can be relatively high stakes. This means that:

a. the decision is likely to place a child into special education services
  b. the decisions have a less profound impact on what will happen to a student
  c. the decisions have a more profound impact on what will happen to a student
  d. both a and c

[Ques. 2] Summative assessment tells us:

a. how much a student has the ability to learn
  b. how much a student has learned
  c. how a student is progressing
  d. describes the student developmentally

[Ques. 3]

A student in your classroom demonstrates test anxiety. To help relieve this emotional arousal, you decide to
  evaluate his work and progress in another manner. Which of the following could you use to best assess the
  student's work and progress?


a. A portfolio
  b. re-design the tests to make them less difficult
  c. eliminate any evaluation of his work
  d. use other teachers and school professionals observations in evaluating his work

[Ques. 4] Which of the following tools can school professionals use for curriculum-based measurement:

a. ecological inventories
  b. reading miscue analysis
  c. both a and b
  d. none of the above

[Ques. 5]

A student is able to correctly identify sixty words out of 100 words in a passage. What is his accuracy for the
  Classroom Reading Miscue Assessment:


a. 40
  b. .6
  c. 60
  d. .006

[Ques. 6]

A student in your classroom consistently shouts out when you are teaching the class. This is a major
  distraction for the other children. You want to record his behavior, in the form of an observation to report back
  to your school psychologist. Your best bet would be to use:


a. time sampling
  b. frequency count
  c. an interview with the student
  d. parent report

[Ques. 7] The following are commonly used forms of observation except:

a. A standardized test
  b. field notes
  c. frequency counts
  d. time samples

[Ques. 8] Which of the following is not an example of an authentic assessment?

a. A journal entry
  b. a biographical sketch of a famous writer told on tape
  c. an audio tape of the student telling a fairy tale to a kindergartner
  d. none of the above

[Ques. 9]

A math teacher is ready to begin her unit on division. She is unsure, however, if her class is ready to move on,
  not quite having mastered multiplication. She decides to give each student a test, which will require him or her
  to compute at least ten two digit multiplication problems within two minutes. This is an example of:


a. content validity
  b. criterion-related validity
  c. construct validity
  d. formal assessment

[Ques. 10] All of the following are types of validity generally considered, except:

a. alternate-form validity
  b. content validity
  c. criterion-related validity
  d. construct validity

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1)  c

2)  b

3)  a

4)  c

5)  c

6)  b

7)  a

8)  d

9)  b

10)  a

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Thanks a whole bunch
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