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The striving for superiority, according to Alfred Adler, was a (an)
  a. boastful or arrogant style of life.
  b. natural and fundamental motivation of individuals.
  c. irresponsible way of behaving.
  d. expression of the conflict between the grandiose self and the idealized parent.

Q. 2

In his early work, Alfred Adler wrote about the importance of physical inferiority in forming later personality. This idea may have been influenced by
  a. his emphasis on the role of early events in the development of an individual's lifestyle.
  b. his relationship with Sigmund Freud, and Freud's emphasis on the role of child development in adult personality.
  c. his several severe illnesses and accidents when a child.
  d. Wilhelm Reich's views on the influence of the body on personality.

Q. 3

According to Alfred Adler, the mother's task is to
  a. develop a sense of cooperation and helpfulness in her child.
  b. help the child become independent and separate from the parent.
  c. help the child to develop his or her unconscious.
  d. nurture the child and provide a feeling of being cared for.

Q. 4

Which of these is not a stage of the development of the Adlerian concept of social interest?
  a. aptitude
  b. ability
  c. oral
  d. secondary dynamic characteristics

Q. 5

According to Alfred Adler, an individual who continually argues with coworkers, may be expressing his lifestyle which may be derived from
  a. being attracted to his mother and angry at his father around the age of 4 or 5.
  b. being harassed and teased by 2 older brothers when in elementary school.
  c. being in trouble with the law in high school, as a result of gang fights.
  d. being discriminated against by previous employers.

Q. 6

Which of these was not a major task, according to Alfred Adler, in developing one's lifestyle?
  a. individuation
  b. love
  c. occupation
  d. spiritual development

Q. 7

An Adlerian therapist might view a patient's major task in life as
  a. dealing with unconscious forces
  b. separating from parents
  c. transcending the Umwelt
  d. performing useful work in society
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