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6 months ago
Hi. I didn't get a really good grade on my Biochem assessment and it brought my grade to an 80. Grades close on the 9th and I don't know what to do to raise it! Please give me any advise. Anything would be helpful. Thanks!

-An anonymous person in need
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6 months ago
What's bringing your grade down -- is it assignments, weekly quizzes, or tests? My issue with biochemistry was memorizing all the processes. I remember the final exam was extremely long. The trick to biochemistry is to know the processes very well, including the conversions of one biochemical to the next. If assignments are the issue, than post those questions on here. We can help you with them.
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6 months ago
Read the chapter summaries in the textbook, and really Read them. Understand everything as best you can. Draw out quick mind maps of the processes. Make up an abbreviation for the molecules in the process in order of formation, using the first letter of the name of each molecule. If your instructor has lecture slides, go through them as well. Last of all, answer questions. As many as you possibly can. Back exams, review questions in the textbook, find questions online, ask friends to quiz you, anything that teaches you how to answer those questions in the test.

The main thing is really understanding a process and how a molecule is made/broken down, and what enzymes etc. are used, as well as what byproducts are formed. Once you have the process mastered, the test should be a breeze.

Also, don't panic! If you see something on the test that you don't know, take a breath, reread the question and see if you can eliminate a couple choices and make an educated guess on it. If it requires more thought. Mark it for later and move on.
I've used this study technique for a bunch of classes including biochemistry, human physiology, and organic chemistry, and have done pretty well using it.
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