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Describe the conceptual design specifications once a design alternative is selected.
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Accounting Information Systems
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Once a design alternative is selected, conceptual design specifications are created for the following elements: 1. Output. Because the system is designed to meet user information needs, output specifications are prepared first. To evaluate store sales, SM must decide (a) how often to produce a sales analysis report, (b) what the report should contain, (c) what it will look like, and (d) whether it is a hard-copy or screen (or both) output. 2. Data storage. Data storage decisions include which data elements must be stored to produce the sales report, how they should be stored, and what type of file or database to use. 3. Input. Input design considerations include which sales data to enter; sale location and amount; and where, when, and how to collect the data. 4. Processing procedures and operations. Design considerations include how to process the input and stored data to produce the sales report and in which sequence the processes must be performed.
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