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A month ago
Aristotle said that "We make war that we may live in peace."  Others believe that war is our natural state and the more powerful countries have a moral duty to lead the weak and the powerless.  Do you think that we have a duty to go to war?
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A month ago
It is in our biological nature to survive and reproduce. Both survival and reproduction are connected, because we cannot reproduce efficiently if we do not have even resources to rear the offspring. To become more reproductive, we need to collect as many resources (food, shelter, land, etc.) we can put our hands on. In today's society, this is done by starting a business or working to make money; in most cases, the harder you work, the more money (resources) you accumulate over time to support your family. It's important to note that civil societies with social programs are a foreign concept to ancient humans. In other words, welfare and free health didn't exist back then, for example. While we are natural hunters, some seasons yielded more meat (or crop) than others -- this would lead to inevitable hunger for the village or families. When survival is threatened humans will go to war or fight for resources. In fact, this yearning to obtain unlimited resources works on all levels of one's socioeconomic status. Rich people, including royalty of the past, always want to ensure financial freedom in the future, so they bully those with less to obtain more resources as lower costs.

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