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What type of power does a class have as a whole to control the behavior of a professor? As you consider the answer, list each of the six types of powers outlined in the text and discuss each type of power as it might be related to this question.
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Referent power—is the influence that a group (or class) has over an individual (the professor)
because he or she admires the qualities of the group. This influence would probably be minor, except in social interactions. The professor might feel motivated to act positively toward the class because he or she admires the students' manners and so on.
Information power—is the influence a group can have because it holds valuable information. The
only information the class may hold that would interest a professor would be in terms of feedback. Where is the class in terms of an understanding of the topic being taught? Do the students understand the material?
Legitimate power—is the influence a group may hold because of their position of authority. A
class is not likely to hold any legitimate authority over a professor.
Expert power—is the influence a group may hold because of their expertise. It is unlikely that a
class as a whole would hold any expert power over a professor.
Reward power—is the influence a group may hold because it can grant rewards. A class can
reward a professor in many ways. The class could show interest in what is being taught, or it could show interest in the professor as an individual. The class could participate in discussions or laugh at jokes. If students evaluate the instructor or class, that could be seen as a reward or punishment.
Coercive power—is the influence maintained by a group by a force or intimidation. It would be
hoped that no class could exert such power.
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