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Use the following to answer the questions below:

Suppose we are interested in comparing the proportion of male students who smoke to the proportion of female students who smoke. We have a random sample of 150 students (60 males and 90 females) that includes two variables: Smoke = "yes" or "no" and Gender = "female (F)" or "male (M)." The two-way table below summarizes the results.

Smoke = YesSmoke = NoSample Size
Gender = M95160
Gender = F98190

If the parameter of interest is the difference in proportions, pm - pf, where pm and pf  represent the proportion of smokers in each gender, find a point estimate for this difference in proportions based on the data in the table. Report your answer with two decimal places.
Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data

Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data

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