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When will my paid membership activate?
Your upgraded membership should activate within minutes of purchase. Short delays are expected, although most transactions are processed instantly. Hence, please allow at least ten minutes to pass before contacting us about inactivated accounts.

My paid membership is still not active, what should I do?
Contact us right away. We take this matter seriously. To help us help you, however, please include the following information in your message:
  • The type of membership you purchased
  • The date it was purchased
  • The transaction ID
  • The email address associated with your account
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We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Does Biology Discussion Forums offer refunds on paid memberships?
Due to the sensitivity of the content, we do not offer refunds if a user has viewed a "Best Answer" upon purchasing, downloaded any locked document, or used any of their purchased credits. Our system will recognize if any of these three events have occurred under your account.

How do I become a 'full member'?
A full-member is someone who has contributed their time and effort to making this community what it is today. As part of our sign-up agreement, all existing and future members pledge to help answer questions, as this is one of the basic requirements to becoming a 'full-member'. While we don't have the resources to monitor the contributions of each individual user that registers - given that all help provided in this community is volunteer-based - there are various things you can do to get recognized by our automated system. Most members seek to gain 'full-member' status so that they can freely download files that are protected in certain boards. Below, we've outlined different avenues you can take to earn your 'full-member' badge.
  • Be an active member by spending some time in the forum - play a game, read our blog, or start and engage in a discussion.
  • Answer questions. There are so many questions that still need answers. There is no set amount you need to answer, so let's genuinely share our talent by helping other members.
  • Add images to the forum gallery (earn 5 credits per every image added, and 2 additional credits for every comment made).
  • Post your old notes, tests, or tutorials.
  • Add new terms to the forum dictionary.
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