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Which of the following firms is most likely to receive venture capital?
 A) Virtual reality Internet company
  B) Laundromat
  C) Local fast-food restaurant
  D) Book retailer
  E) Convenience store

Question 2 - Ikea furniture store promotes its furniture to its target market based on its customers' personality attributes and lifestyles. Therefore, it is segmenting the furniture market on which type of basis?
 A) Demographic
  B) Behavioristic
  C) Psychographic
  D) Geographic
  E) Social class

Question 3 - Crunch Lite produces six different flavors of sugar-free cookies for the diabetic population. The company also produces a large assortment of sugar-free chocolates targeted at the same population. The sugar-free cookies and chocolates that Crunch Lite produces represent the _____ of the company.
 A) product chains
  B) brand mixes
  C) brand equity
  D) product lines

Question 4 - Large firms generally buy parts and assemblies from smaller firms because
 A) doing so creates goodwill.
  B) they are required to do so by government regulations.
  C) they can control small businesses this way.
  D) it is less expensive than making their own.
  E) large firms want to keep small firms in business.

Question 5 - Venture capital firms invest in
 A) banks and financial firms.
  B) large, successful firms.
  C) small firms that have the potential to be very successful.
  D) neighborhood convenience stores.
  E) chain retail establishments.

Question 6 - The product Centrum Silver is positioned as a vitamin supplement for older adults. The makers of Centrum Silver have segmented the vitamin market on a ____ basis.
 A) behavioristic
  B) demographic
  C) psychographic
  D) brand-related
  E) geographic
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