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3 weeks ago Edited: 3 weeks ago, oemBiology
Referring to following link, I would like to know on why rising pressure would be the best period for fishing.  Furthermore, why do Rapiding fluctuating also good for fishing?

"Rapiding fluctuating either way is indication of good fishing"

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions
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3 weeks ago
Fish can feel the weight of the air pressing on the water by sensing the pressure changes in the air of their organs, especially their swim bladder which controls their buoyancy. Fish with large swim bladders such as trout and salmon are even more sensitive to these pressure changes.
3 weeks ago
During rapiding fluctuating pressure, I would like to know on how fish feels and affect their behavior from biological viewpoints, which is indication of good fishing.

Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you very much for any suggestions (^v^)
2 weeks ago Edited: 2 weeks ago, bio_man
During low pressure times, fish retreat to the deeper water to equalize their swim bladders. The shallower the fish are in the water the more they will feel the results of the low pressure system.

So if the pressure is falling, fish will move deeper and if the pressure is rising, fish will move higher so the pressure in their air bladders stays relatively constant despite changes in atmospheric air pressure.
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2 weeks ago
I can't find any literature that says the swim bladder is used for this purpose. I found articles online that suggest what jayfo05 and bio_man said are true, but no scientific article to back it up.

From what I know, fish use their swim bladders to sense depth. If the effect of air pressure were significant, the fish probably wouldn't use their bladders that way, or would have evolved some means of compensating.

Furthermore, barometric pressure has important effects on water chemistry, as it can affects the amount of gas that can dissolve in water. More gas, such as oxygen, can dissolve in water under higher pressure when compared to lower air pressure. For instance, more oxygen is dissolved in water at sea level than at high altitudes. The pressure of the overlying air forces more gas into solution. As the overlying pressure decreases, gas is released from solution. Perhaps this is something that's also of importance.

What we know generally is that high barometric pressure supports sunny, clear, and favorable weather conditions, but lower levels promotes rainy and cloudy weather conditions.

Finally, fish behavior during barometric pressure changes can also be influenced by their prey movements in relation to weather changes. That's something else that might be in effect and worth noting.

Happy fishing! Smiling Face with Open Mouth
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