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1) Which of the following statements correctly describes the Law of Independent Assortment?

a. A large Punnett square can be used to predict the outcome of a parental cross involving two traits.

b. Sometimes all alleles lack dominance, which leads to a blending of traits.

c. Non-allelic genes do not affect each other if they are located on separate chromosomes.

d. The dominant allele is represented with an uppercase letter and the recessive allele is represented with a lowercase letter.

2) In garden pea plants, tall stem height (T) is dominant over short stem height (t), and green pod colour (G) is dominant over yellow pod colour (g).

Some Genotypes of Pea Plants

2) TTGg

3) TTgg

4) TtGG

5) TtGg

6) Ttgg

7) ttGG

8) ttGg

9) ttgg

Identify the correct genotypes listed above for the pea plant phenotypes described below.

Phenotype                                                                       Number

Pure breeding tall and green pod pea plant            Answer

Pea plant used for a test cross                                   Answer

Heterozygous tall and heterozygous green pod pea plant
Yellow pod heterozygous tall pea plant                  Answer

3) Which of the following parental crosses represents the genotype of a dwarf homozygous green pea plant crossed with a homozygous tall yellow pea plant?

a. ttGg   X  Ttgg

b. TTgg   X    ttGg

c. TtGG      X    TTGg

d ttGG      X     TTgg

4) How many possible allele combinations ex) rW can be formed in the gametes produced from parents with the genotypes RRww and RrWW, respectively?

a. 2 and 2

b. 1 and 1

c. 2 and 1

d. 1 and 2

5) What are the possible allele combinations that could be formed in the gametes produced from a parent with the genotype RrWw?

a. RW and rw

b. RW, RW, rw, and rw

c. RW, Rw, and rw

d. RW, Rw, rW, and rw

6) In garden pea plants, tall stem height (T) is dominant over short stem height (t), and round seed shape (R) is dominant over wrinkled seed shape (r).

A tall, wrinkled seed plant (Ttrr) is crossed with a tall, round seed plant (TtRR). Which row identifies the gametes produced by these plants?

a.   Tall wrinkled                            Tall round
         Tr and tr                                  TR and tR

b.   Tall wrinkled                             Tall round
     TR, Tr, tR, and tr                       TR and tR

c.  Tall wrinkled                              Tall round
       Tr and tr                                  TR,Tr, tR, and tr

d.    Tall wrinkled                             Tall round
          TR and tR                                Tr and tr

7) In guinea pigs, a black coat (B) is dominant over a white coat (b), and straight hair (S) is dominant over curly hair (s). A heterozygous, black, and straight hair guinea pig (BbSs) was test crossed.

What is the phenotypic ratio of the offspring produced from the test cross?

Use 0 for phenotypes not produced in the above cross.

Number:           Answer                   Answer        Answer

Phenotype: Black straight      Black curly    White straight

               White curly

8) Which of the following rows identifies pure breeding guinea pigs for both hair colour and hair type?

a. Genotype 1                    Genotype 2
         bbSs                                 BbSS

b. Genotype 1                    Genotype 2
         BBSS                              BbSs

c. Genotype 1                     Genotype 2
        BbSS                                  BBSs

d. Genotype 1                      Genotype 2
         bbSS                                 BBss

9) Which of the following genotypes would produce a population in which 50% of the offspring would have a black coat and all of the offspring would have curly hair?

a. Bbss and BbSs

b. bbSS and bbSs

c. Bbss and bbss

d. BBSS and bbss

10) A guinea pig heterozygous for both traits mated with a homozygous recessive guinea pig. What is the probability of having offspring with at least one dominant trait?

a. 0.50

b. 0.75

c. 0.00

d. 0.25

e. 1.0

11) In mice, black fur (W) is dominant over white fur (w), and black eyes are dominant (R) over red eyes (r).

A male mouse with black fur and black eyes mated with a female mouse with white fur and red eyes. Out of 64 offspring, 30 had black fur and black eyes, and 34 had white fur and black eyes.

What is the genotype of the male parental mouse?


b. WwRR

c. WWRr

d. WwRr

12)  A male mouse heterozygous for both fur and eye colour mated with a female mouse heterozygous for both traits.

Out of 64 offspring, how many mice can be expected to be heterozygous for both fur and eye colour?

a. 12

b. 4

c. 36

d. 48

e. 16

f. 1

13) All Vulcans have pointed ears (P) and a right-sided heart (R) which are dominant over Earthling alleles of rounded ears (p) and a left-sided heart (r). Both Vulcans and Earthlings are homozygous for each allele.

Mr. Spock has a Vulcan father and an Earthling mother.

Which of the following is true about Mr. Spock’s genotype in relation to the genes for ear shape and heart sidedness?

a.     Ear Shape                    Heart Sidedness
        Homozygous              Homozygous

b.  Ear Shape                  Heart Sidedness
   Heterozygous                    Homozygous

c.   Ear Shape                           Heart  Sidedness
    Heterozygous                              Heterozygous

d.  Ear Shape                       Heart Sidedness
    Homozygous                     Heterozygous

14) In chickens, black feathers (B) are dominant over white feathers (b). The sex ratio of chickens is 50:50.

If two offspring result from the cross between a heterozygous hen and a heterozygous rooster, what is the probability both chicks will have the same homozygous dominant genotype (BB)?

a. 0.0625

b. 0.125

c. 0.500

d. 0.250

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