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A month ago
If a woman with the genotype IA, Rh+ and a man with type O, Rh- have a child, what is the probability that the child will have blood type A,Rh-?

Hint: The two blood types are independent events. This is similar to the probability of a child having blue eyes and being a girl. Did you recognize that the answer required this logic? The question could have been written as "What is the probability that the child will be type A and Rh-?"
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A month ago
I found the answer to this here: More probability

Please do a better job searching before asking!
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A month ago
The probability that the child will be type A is 0.50. When you say that the woman's genotype is Rh+, that really is not a genotype, but a phenotype. She could be Rh+Rh+ or Rh+Rh-. IF you assume that she is homozygous Rh+Rh+, then the chance of having an Rh- child is 0. If, on the other hand, you assume that she is heterozygous, then the probability of having an Rh- child is 0.5. Combining those two probabilities, (and with making the assumption that she is heterozygous Rh+Rh-), the chance of having a type A Rh- child would be 0.5 X 0.5 = 0.25.
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