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All of the following statements about rubrics are true, EXCEPT:
  a. rubrics evaluate a performance based product.
  b. rubrics can be adapted to a variety of assessment situations, including student self-assessment.
  c. rubrics can be created by teacher or students.
  d. data collected from rubrics is similar to and interchangeable with data collected from formal assessments.

[Ques. 2] All of the following statements about curriculum-based assessment are true, EXCEPT:
  a. they use repeated probes to directly measure a students progress with results documented in a systematic format.
  b. they can be used to determine whether or not instructional approaches are effective.
  c. they create opportunities for students and teachers to discuss daily or long-term learning goals and visually graph progress.
  d. they are used to assign points for responses on a work sample based on specific pre-determined criteria.

[Ques. 3] Curriculum-based assessments allow for all the following, EXCEPT:
  a. monitor progress toward IEP goals.
  b. assist in eligibility/placement decisions.
  c. compare student performance to a nationally representative sample of their same age peers. d. adjust instruction.

[Ques. 4] All of the following statements about the use of probes are true, EXCEPT probes:
  a. can be created by the teacher.
  b. can be part of a commercial education program.
  c. are rubrics that evaluate work samples.
  d. are frequent and repeated measures to guide instructional planning.

[Ques. 5] Which of the following examples is NOT a formative assessment?
  a. Teacher-made tests
  b. Observations
  c. S.A.T.
  d. Classroom activities

[Ques. 6] The type of assessment that is given throughout the year, often linked to classroom instruction is
  a ___________ assessment.
  a. cumulative
  b. summative
  c. formative
  d. collective

[Ques. 7] The type of assessment given at the end of a program or at the end of the year is a ___________ assessment.
  a. cumulative
  b. summative
  c. formative
  d. collective

[Ques. 8] Krystas parents arranged for her to have a math tutor and her teacher modified her assignments (she only answered every other question at the end of the chapter). Also, for every day she did not misbehave and cause a distraction to the other pupils in her math class, she earned a token which she could turn in for a prize at the end of the week. This scenario is an example of a:
  a. functional behavior assessment.
  b. positive behavior rating scale.
  c. positive functional support.
  d. behavior intervention plan.

[Ques. 9] Positive behavior interventions and supports focus on:
  a. extinguishing problem behaviors through the consistent implementation of punishments strategies.
  b. teaching positive social behaviors that are implemented by all individuals who are involved in the students life.
  c. providing positive rewards when they behave in an appropriate behavior, and negative reinforcement when their behavior is inappropriate.
  d. rewarding desirable behavior with tokens that students can exchange for privileges.

[Ques. 10] The work done by members of an assessment team is most comparable to:
  a. bankers investing money.
  b. bears hibernating for the winter.
  c. detectives searching for clues.
  d. farmers planting crops.
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3 years ago
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1)  ANSWER: d

2)  ANSWER: d

3)  ANSWER: c

4)  ANSWER: c

5)  ANSWER: c

6)  ANSWER: c

7)  ANSWER: b

8)  ANSWER: d

9)  ANSWER: b

10)  ANSWER: c

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Appreciate the effort you put into answering, thank you!
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You're very welcome
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