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In a short essay, explain the four factors contributing to product suitability for international markets, and describe how these factors can help an international firm with a gradual elimination screening methodology.
  What will be an ideal response?

Question 2

A graphic model that presents a precise overview of the knowledge, skills, and behaviors someone would need to perform a job well is known as a(n) ________.
  A) scatter plot
  B) competency model
  C) classification table
  D) organizational chart

Question 3

The process of verifying that there is a performance deficiency and determining if such deficiencies should be corrected through training or through some other means is called ________.
  A) needs analysis
  B) training assessment
  C) performance analysis
  D) performance appraisal

Question 4

In a short essay, describe the two methods typically used to screen potential foreign markets for exporting: gradual elimination and indexing and ranking.
  What will be an ideal response?

Question 5

Employers will most likely use all of the following methods to identify training needs for new employees EXCEPT ________.
  A) analyzing job descriptions
  B) reviewing performance standards
  C) questioning current job holders
  D) conducting a work sampling

Question 6

Which of the following consolidates information regarding required tasks and skills in a format that is helpful for determining training requirements?
  A) training assessment form
  B) task analysis record form
  C) organizational skills sheet
  D) work function analysis

Question 7

________ is a detailed study of the job to determine what specific skills the job requires.
  A) Needs analysis
  B) Task analysis
  C) Training strategy
  D) Development planning

Question 8

Trainees should be provided adequate practice and be allowed to work at their own pace during a training session in order to ________.
  A) screen applicants based on ability
  B) transfer skills more easily to the job
  C) reduce training costs
  D) determine appropriate pay scales
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Answer to #1

The products or services with the best international prospects tend to have the following four characteristics:

1. Sell well in the domestic market. Offerings received well at home are likely to succeed abroad, especially where similar needs and conditions exist.
2. Cater to universal needs. For example, buyers worldwide demand personal-care products, medical devices, and banking services. International sales may be promising if the product or service is unique or has important features that are appealing to foreign customers and are hard for foreign firms to duplicate.
3. Address a need not well served in particular foreign markets. Potential may exist in countries where the product or service does not currently exist, or where demand is just starting to emerge.
4. Address a new or emergent need abroad. Demand for some products and services can suddenly emerge after a disaster or emergent trend.

Attention to these four factors, among others, can help in implementing the gradual elimination screening method. The researcher that applies gradual elimination starts with a large number of prospective target countries and gradually narrows the choices by examining increasingly specific information. The researcher aims to reduce to a manageable five or six the number of countries that warrant in-depth investigation as potential target markets. Because research is expensive, it is essential to eliminate unattractive markets quickly.

In the early stages, the researcher first obtains general information on macro-level indicators like population, income, and economic growth before delving into specific information. Broad screening data are readily available. The researcher then employs more specific indicators, such as import statistics, to narrow the choices. Import statistics help reveal the size of the market, the presence of competitors, and the market's viability for accepting new sales. The level of the country's exports also should be investigated, because some countries, such as Panama and Singapore, function as major transit points for international shipments and may not be actual product users. By analyzing research data and gradually narrowing the choices, the researcher identifies the most promising markets for further exploration.

Answer to #2

Answer: B

Answer to #3

Answer: C

Answer to #4

The firm that applies gradual elimination starts with a large number of prospective target countries and then gradually narrows its choices by examining increasingly specific information obtained via research. The firm aims to reduce to a manageable few the number of countries that warrant in-depth investigation as potential target markets. The objective is to identify five or six high potential country markets that are most promising for the firm. By analyzing research data and gradually narrowing the choices, the researcher eventually identifies the one or two most promising markets for generating sales.

Indexing and ranking is the second primary method for choosing the most promising foreign market. With this method, the researcher assigns scores to countries for their overall market attractiveness. For each country, the researcher first identifies a comprehensive set of market potential indicators and then uses one or more of these indicators to represent a variable. Weights are assigned to each variable to establish its relative importance: The more important a variable, the greater its weight. The researcher uses the resulting weighted scores to rank order the countries.

Answer to #5

Answer: D

Answer to #6

Answer: B

Answer to #7

Answer: B

Answer to #8

Answer: B
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