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Adult versus child, worried versus carefree, loving versus hateful, and strong versus weak are all examples of the Gestalt concept of _________________.
  a. polarities
  b. dichotomies
  c. conflicts
  d. catastrophes
  e. regulations

Q. 2

In the context of Gestalt therapy, what is meant by catastrophic expectations?
  a. If we are pessimists, we tend to have expectations that life will be catastrophic for no apparent reason.
  b. Catastrophic expectations occur when clients have had bad experiences with other therapists. Gestalt therapy is appropriate for these clients because it is different from what is expected.
  c. If as children we act independently and spontaneously only to find ourselves severely punished or rejected, we grow up to think that following our impulses is dangerous.
  d. Gestalt therapists believe that psychotic clients have catastrophic expectations that are very difficult to treat.
  e. Fritz Perls warned Gestalt therapists that expecting too much change from a client can be catastrophic for the client.

Q. 3

What do Gestalt therapists conceptualize as clients most important problems?
  a. behavioral problems like compulsions
  b. cognitive problems such as thinking errors
  c. relationship problems
  d. conflicts within the individual
  e. conflicts between clients and other individuals

Q. 4

What is the relationship between behavior change and awareness in Gestalt therapy?
  a. Gestalt therapists encourage awareness rather than trying to directly influence behavior change, assuming that the behavior change will grow out of fuller awareness.
  b. Gestalt therapists encourage behavior change, assuming that awareness will grow out of successes in behavior change.
  c. Gestalt therapists believe that the two things occur at the same time as a result of interventions that are used.
  d. There is no relationship. Gestalt therapists are only concerned with insight and awareness.
  e. There is no relationship. Gestalt therapists are only concerned with behavioral change.

Q. 5

What is meant by awareness in the context of Gestalt therapy?
  a. To get in touch with your unconscious.
  b. To become more aware of how you relate to the people in your life.
  c. To be self-conscious, mostly of your own motivations.
  d. To become totally introspective and search for inner meaning.
  e. The capacity to be in touch with your own existence; to notice what is happening around or inside you; to connect with the environment, other people and yourself; to know what you are feeling or sensing or thinking.

Q. 6

What is the key to positive growth and personal integration in Gestalt therapy?
  a. unconditional positive regard
  b. the clients motivation
  c. empathy on the part of the counselor
  d. clarifying values
  e. the clients heightened sense of awareness
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Answer to #1

Answer: a

Answer to #2

Answer: c

Answer to #3

Answer: d

Answer to #4

Answer: a

Answer to #5

Answer: e

Answer to #6

Answer: e

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