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Describe at least four social engineering techniques. Provide an example for one of the techniques.
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Piggybacking — latching onto a legitimate user in data communications.
Masquerading or Impersonation — the perpetrator gains access to the system by pretending to be an authorized user.
Social engineering — a perpetrator tricks an employee into giving him the information he needs to get into the system.
Identity theft — illegally assuming someone else's identity, usually with the social security number.
Pretexting — using an invented scenario to increase the likelihood the victim will give away information.
Posing — fraudsters try to collect personal information by pretending to be legitimate business colleagues.
Phishing — sending e-mail, pretending to be a legitimate business colleague, requesting user ID or password or other confidential data.
Vishing — pretending to be a legitimate business colleague and attempting to get a victim to provide confidential information over the phone.
Carding — using stolen credit card information.
Pharming — redirecting website traffic to a spoofed website.
Typosquatting — setting up websites with names similar to real websites.
Scavenging — gaining access to confidential data by searching corporate records in dumpsters or computer storage.
Shoulder surfing — looking over a person's shoulder in a public place to see PIN or passwords.
Skimming — manually swiping a credit card through a handheld card reader and storing the data for future use.
Eavesdropping — observation of private communications by wiretapping or other surveillance techniques.
E-mail forgery — removing message headers, using such anonymous e-mail for criminal activity.

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