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5 years ago
Danny's boss is apathetic as to whether Danny works at home, at the office, or from his beach house. All he cares about is that the project is completed on time, on budget, and with exemplary quality.
  Which characteristic of organizational culture describes this aspect of Danny's job?
  A) low risk taking
  B) high outcome orientation
  C) high attention to detail
  D) low aggressiveness
  E) high stability

Question 2

Describe a functional conflict and dysfunctional conflict that could exist because of structure.
  What will be an ideal response?

Question 3

The ________ network is a type of formal small-group network that rigidly follows the formal and hierarchical levels of command.
  A) matrix
  B) chain
  C) wheel
  D) all channel
  E) cross-functional

Question 4

As an HR manager, you may be required to fire employees. According to experts, what is the best time for you to fire an employee?
  A) Monday morning
  B) Monday afternoon
  C) Friday morning
  D) Friday afternoon

Question 5

Nora, a line manager at an electronics firm, needs to fire one of her subordinates for repeatedly failing to report to work. The subordinate previously received both oral and written warnings about the violation.
  Which of the following would most likely help the termination process proceed smoothly?
  A) Nora answers questions about the decision.
  B) Nora and the subordinate gather in her office.
  C) Nora gives the subordinate the final paycheck.
  D) Nora meets with the subordinate privately.

Question 6

How can firms protect themselves against employment lawsuits when disciplining employees?
  What will be an ideal response?

Question 7

What are the consequences of the hot stove rule? When is the hot stove rule ineffective?
  What will be an ideal response?
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Answer to #1

Explanation: B) Outcome orientation is the organizational culture characteristic that describes the degree to which management focuses on results or outcomes rather than on the techniques and processes used to achieve them. Danny's boss has a high focus on outcome.

Answer to #2

Some conflicts support the goals of the group and improve its performance; these are functional, constructive forms of conflict. Additionally, there are conflicts that hinder group performance; these are dysfunctional or destructive forms of conflict. Structural conflict includes variables such as size, degree of specialization in the tasks assigned to group members, jurisdictional clarity, member-goal compatibility, leadership styles, reward systems, and the degree of dependence between groups. A functional-structural conflict that could exist in a long-term situation would be that of a salesperson and a credit manager who are in constant conflict because they have differing goals; the salesperson wishing to make the highest number of sales, and the credit manager needing to insure that all the sales will be paid. Although there is conflict, it is functional because it is supportive of the overall group performance. A dysfunctional-structural conflict could exist, for example, because tasks are not adequately defined in a work group. The group would always be at odds and would not be advancing the goals set and the tasks would be hindered.

Answer to #3

Explanation: B) The chain rigidly follows the formal chain of command; this network approximates the communication channels you might find in a rigid three-level organization.

Answer to #4

Answer: B

Answer to #5

Answer: C

Answer to #6

Answer: Occasionally, there may be suits involving members of protected groups who claim that the disciplinary action was taken against them because they are members of a protected group. One of the best ways for a company to protect itself against suits claiming discrimination or harassment is to ensure that it has proper, written policies barring unfair treatment of its staff, and a system for ensuring that the policies are followed. Disciplinary actions should be fully documented, and managers should be trained in how to avoid bias claims. Also, although discrimination laws prohibit employers from making employment decisions based on an employee's membership in a protected class, basing decisions solely on performance helps prevent violation of these laws.

Answer to #7

Answer: According to the hot stove rule, disciplinary action should have the following consequences, which are analogous to touching a hot stove:
1. Burns immediately. If disciplinary action is to be taken, it must occur immediately so that the individual will understand the reason for it.
2. Provides warning. It is also extremely important to provide advance warning that punishment will follow unacceptable behavior. As individuals move closer to a hot stove, its heat warns them that they will be burned if they touch it; therefore, they have the opportunity to avoid the burn if they so choose.
3. Gives consistent punishment. Disciplinary action should also be consistent in that everyone who performs the same act will be punished accordingly. As with a hot stove, each person who touches it with the same degree of pressure and for the same period of time is burned to the same extent.
4. Burns impersonally. Disciplinary action should be impersonal. The hot stove burns anyone who touches it, without favoritism.

If the circumstances surrounding all disciplinary action were the same, there would be no problem with this approach. However, situations are often quite different, and many variables may be present in each disciplinary action case. Supervisors often find that they cannot be completely consistent and impersonal in taking disciplinary action and they need a certain degree of flexibility.
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mithaprilla Author
5 years ago
Thank you for taking the time to explain this, just got my quiz back: Perfect
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