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Use the following to answer the questions below:

There are 24 students enrolled in an introductory statistics class at a small university. As an in-class exercise the students were asked how many hours of television they watch each week. Their responses, broken down by gender, are summarized in the provided table. Assume that the students enrolled in the statistics class are representative of all students at the university.

Male311212041045521010 1 = 6
Female10321032016152 = 3.91

You wish to provide a 95% confidence interval for the difference in the mean number of hours spent watching television for males and females at this university based on a bootstrap distribution. Which percentiles would you use?

▸ The 10%- and 95%-iles

▸ The 2.5%- and 97.5%-iles

▸ The 5%- and 95%-iles

▸ The 10%- and 90%-iles
Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data

Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data

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This helped my grade so much Perfect

2 hours ago
Smart ... Thanks!
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