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4 years ago
differences between parenchyma,collenchyma and sclerenchyma?
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4 years ago
Parenchyma - soft plant tissue made up of thin-walled cells that forms the greater part of leaves, stem pith, roots and fruit pulp.

Collenchyma - layer of supportive plant tissue that consists of elongated living cells that have walls unevenly thickened with cellulose and pectin.

Sclerenchyma - strengthening or supportive walls of plant tissue made up of long cells or fibres and short cells sclereids.
4 years ago
?They all form a kind of tissue called the ground tissue whose main function is to provide support in plants.
Parenchyma includes cells that perform photosynthesis and storage. (P for photosynthesis)
Collenchyma forms the wood that gives strength, is heavily lignified and not very flexible.
Sclerenchyma is mostly dead tissue that provides support but also gives flexibility
4 years ago
Wish i could remember, then i might have done a little better on my biology exam.

Not that i've needed that knowledge at any point in the many years since, however.
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