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Posted by savio   September 8, 2013   3400 views

This sculpture is constructed by quickly rotating a rope stretched from ceiling to floor through white light. The vibrating string becomes invisible, but the white light that’s being reflected off the rope becomes visible in an exchange that let’s our eyes see magic, as real as science can make it.

The colors change and twist, forming double-helixes that stem from the shape of the swinging rope. Some of these light sculptures are small and handheld, but many of the larger ones include touch screens that allow viewers to adjust the beams. All of them are spinning at very high speeds that result in a constantly moving body of light.

physics light art sculpture
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Wow, very cool! Wonder if you could buy one... That would definitely make for an interesting conversation piece.
Posted on Sep 9, 2013 by connorp
Probably would cost a lot of cash. I wonder how much attention these would get at a night club.
Posted on Sep 9, 2013 by duddy
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