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An essential bone lost
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0 13151 duddy 3 months ago
Our butts are the largest in the animal kingdom. Why?
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4 3139 duddy 6 months ago
A few things you probably didn't know about chimpanzees
view preview
0 3941 duddy 7 months ago
This synthetic organism survives with less than 500 genes
view preview
0 10192 duddy 11 months ago
Being afraid of the dark is totally normal
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1 12626 duddy A year ago
Why do humans have chins?
view preview
2 13410 duddy A year ago
Turns out that fish oil only benefits those who have the right genes
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0 14848 duddy A year ago
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0 8539 ehd123 A year ago
Here's a baby blue heron, what does it look like to you?
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0 4123 duddy A year ago
Bees up-close
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1 2034 ehd123 A year ago
We've never actually thought of it that way...
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0 5446 duddy A year ago
What mechanism allowed early terrestrial animals to transition from water to land?
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1 35356 duddy 2 years ago
The 500 million year evolution of the human eye
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0 4281 ehd123 2 years ago
Change is a good thing
view preview
0 9089 duddy 2 years ago
All corn today, as we know corn, is GMO corn
view preview
0 4568 duddy 2 years ago
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