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Gene-edited cows
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0 3525 duddy 5 months ago
Gut bacteria affects mood and brain function in mice
view preview
0 3339 duddy 10 months ago
For these trickster birds, it's April fools everyday
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0 4087 duddy 10 months ago
This plant has the largest genome of all living organisms
view preview
0 5891 duddy 10 months ago
This synthetic organism survives with less than 500 genes
view preview
0 10184 duddy 10 months ago
Allergic to vibrations?
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1 15654 duddy A year ago
Schizophrenia may boil down to a specific gene, scientists find
view preview
0 3948 bio_man A year ago
Elephants possess tumour fighting genes that prevent cancer
view preview
1 9205 duddy A year ago
Homosexuality is not a choice
view preview
0 2780 duddy A year ago
How one perceives beauty is merely superficial
view preview
0 14984 duddy A year ago
Why do men with dark hair sometimes possess a reddish beard?
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1 13972 duddy A year ago
This rare genetic condition causes an unusual pigmentation
view preview
1 1502 duddy A year ago
If you thought being left-handed was odd, read this
view preview
0 24732 duddy A year ago
Bringing the wholly mammoth back to life
view preview
1 22990 duddy A year ago
See the world's tallest man
view preview
0 5379 duddy 2 years ago
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