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Subject Comments Views Author Date Written
Would you fly to space if you could?
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0 1938 duddy 7 months ago
Living without a heart
view preview
0 4864 duddy 9 months ago
How the Turing machine works
view preview
1 4086 duddy 10 months ago
World's heaviest calculator?
view preview
0 20452 duddy A year ago
Want to relive the 90's? This emulator let's you use Windows 95 on your browser
view preview
1 3864 duddy A year ago
Move over Wi-Fi, there's a new sheriff in town
view preview
0 1096 duddy A year ago
This smart-watch came out 38 years before the Apple watch
view preview
0 4752 duddy A year ago
Why can't chimps walk upright?
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0 4799 duddy A year ago
Watch these self-destructing computer chips
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0 20769 duddy A year ago
'Photoshop' in the 80s
view preview
1 20778 duddy A year ago
Here's what 83 times optical zoom can do
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0 8448 duddy A year ago
The real-life story of The Bionic Man
view preview
0 2182 bio_man A year ago
Thank you, Volta!
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0 2054 ehd123 A year ago
Humans and Earth - the battle
view preview
0 2143 ehd123 A year ago
On the inside of a guitar
view preview
1 2407 ehd123 A year ago
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