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Posted by bio_man   October 10, 2019   20455 views

There's more to studying than simply memorization and practice. It turns out that your diet also plays a pivotal role in recalling key bits of information, while keeping you energized and focused in the process. We're not talking about those scam-ridden supplements that promise a boost in brain power, but simple natural foods such as milk, nuts, seeds, rice, and oats.

The nutrients found in these items help your study efforts by releasing natural memory enhancers called CCKs ( cholecystokinin). When CCK crosses the blood-brain barrier, it acts as a neurotransmitter associated with memory. Studies have shown that learning and memory processes are severely damaged (in rats) that genetically do not respond to the presence of CCK. And in people with Alzheimer's disease, there is a large reduction in brain CCK concentrations. [1]

These foods are important for the formation of CCK and other neurotransmitters because they contain the precursors needed to build these biomolecules, including tryptophan, choline, and phenylalanine. The synthesis of neurotransmitters in the brain respond rapidly to changes in precursor availability. For example, serotonin synthesis depends largely on the brain concentrations of L-tryptophan, its precursor amino acid. This suggests that you can acquire all the benefits of a good diet almost immediately after starting. [2]

Before studying, try a light, protein-rich meal of eggs, turkey, and fish. All of these foods release the memory enhancing chemicals. The better the connections, the more you comprehend. Likewise, before you take a test, stick to a light snack of energy boosting and relaxing foods. A glass of milk, a piece of fruit, or some peanuts all release various memory-boosting chemicals and help you to relax and focus on the subject at hand.

Source 1)

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very informative
Posted on Oct 11, 2019 by ryann
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