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Are women better than men at sensing emotions?
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0 903 bio_man A week ago
Why can't we remember anything from when we were babies?
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0 2515 duddy 10 months ago
Dogs can read human emotions
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1 8175 duddy A year ago
The Myers-Briggs test might just be a phony afterall
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0 8622 duddy A year ago
This man was paid $18 000 by NASA to lie on his back for 70 days straight
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0 12740 duddy A year ago
Could pink prison cells calm prisoners down? This psychologist thinks so
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0 8938 duddy A year ago
Weird things happen when you stare into someone's eyes
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1 1841 duddy A year ago
Fake it till you BECOME it
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0 4794 bio_man 2 years ago
What's it like to live with prosopometamorphopsia
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0 2775 duddy 2 years ago
Some people simply get away with more because of their look
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0 29465 duddy 2 years ago
Why are house cats obedient to their owners?
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0 4796 duddy 2 years ago
How to become an elephant
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0 5604 HeldCaptive 2 years ago
Can money buy happiness?
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1 6396 duddy 2 years ago
Why do we listen to sad music?
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1 5035 duddy 2 years ago
When's the best time to make a decision?
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1 7322 duddy 2 years ago
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